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ProCon Management cc was registered in 2007 as a consultancy with out of an idea of providing construction management services for new build, tenant installations and large refurbishment projects. The business however only started to carve its name into stone from mid 2010 when it kicked into gear with returning business clients from the hospitality realising the potential of the strategies and services being offered at the time and utilising ProCon as their preferred consultant for construction and project management services.

Due to the stormy climate in construction, companies were conservative in employing new personnel leaving a gap in the market that needed to be filled in supplying qualified project managers with the required project experience and we took the opportunity! Not being scared of tackling the opportunity and its accompanying challenges and volatile environment, this became the main income stream for the developing business and offered a win-win solution for our clients.


The business remained small by choice and mainly operated as a sole proprietor with Fredrick as lone consultant contracted to other project management,  other professional consultants as well as some established construction companies that were in challenging projects and needed assistance in getting the job done. These projects were not always large in size and needing assistance, but due to extreme scheduling, severe cost constraints with low financial yields, complexity and thus an serious operational risk to the clients and developers of these projects.

The security for companies in making use of ProCon allowed them to reap the reward of "employing" a experienced professional for the project that ensured project success and excellent returns at the same time. Guaranteed success all round.

Since 2016 after clients requests and opportunities available, the decision was made to expand and to start developing ProCon further into the entity it is meant to be. Still operating as an experienced construction management business with the main focus in supplying turnkey construction management solutions we set out to start expanding our service base further and provide more value add services and turnkey solutions to our clients. 


In order to provide the perfect service for our clients, we listened to our clients and looked at the biggest issues they faced and has since has since added a full construction service. No longer is it necessary for us to procure a construction company and managed them, we could now assist our clients in building their concepts for them. This resulted in us restructuring the business into three clearly defined divisions each founded on one of the three core competencies we serve and provide services for - management, procurement and construction.

In adding procurement and construction to our competencies, we now provide a true full-on turnkey service that can take our clients' "concepts and make them a reality". We still remain flexible, energetic and dynamic in providing and delivering our service to a continuous growing client base. We still structure our service to what you need no matter how big or small!

We do not chase growth and numbers but value and measure our success in our returning clients. Successes from the past have built enough trust with our clients to allow them the ability to plan years ahead knowing who will look after their most challenging projects allowing us to keep on writing our history in the years to come.... 

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